mujiburMy name is Mujibur Rahman, I have always been interested in the power of the mind. Like most people, I have asked the question: “Why are a small percentage of people really successful, living the lifestyle of their dreams, while the vast majority are struggling?

I have created GrowYourThoughts.com to share information on how  successful people think, the thought process and the actions that have enabled them to achieve massive success in all areas of life.

I will share books, tools and resources that have transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide.

I will start by sharing some of the books that have inspired me and transformed by mindset.

I will post articles on topics and resources that have enabled me to change my outlook on life and create daily habits leading to the success that I desire.

Please share the posts and leave your comments, spread the message to others that are also looking for the keys to success. Let’s open up the door to success to the vast majority, every person deserves to live the lifestyle they truly desire.

We are all born equal, our thoughts and actions determine our journey through life. Some people are born into poverty, but manage to create prosperity, others are born into prosperity, but end up living in poverty.

My goal is to help everyone create the freedom they truly desire, the happiness they desire. We can all live  a healthy and prosperous life, filled with happiness and joy.

I will also create products that will help you in various areas of your life.

Thank You,

Mujibur Rahman