Parallel Universes And How To Change Reality – Video

Mainstream science is now recognizing the existence of parallel realities. Can we change realities by shifting our intention?

This video suggests a model of six dimensions of reality that explain the power of focus to heal illness and extends to a shift in planetary consciousness to heal the world.

What are your thoughts on the Parallel Universes theory?

Fear Is A Disease

fearisadiseaseFear is the most subtle and destructive of diseases that plagues mankind. It is responsible for killing millions of dream and hopes on a global scale.

Fear makes people vibrate in a frequency of lack and limitation, it puts people into hospitals and ages people prematurely. Fear is a disease, it takes your body out of ease (dis-ease). The natural condition of mankind is to be happy, hopeful and look forward to their goals and dreams.

Fear can hold you back from doing things that you know that you are capable of doing. There is fear of the unknown, fear of failure and also fear of success.

Most people are paralyzed by the fear of failure. The usual thought is : “What are others going to think of me, if I fail?”. You need to get over this, your thoughts control your destiny, not the thoughts of others. You are responsible for your success and also your failure, not the thoughts of others.

Just ask yourself this these questions:

1. What is benefit of allowing fear to hold you back?

2. What will be the consequence of giving up on your dreams?

You may fail the first few times you attempt something new, don’t let this hold you back. Use these failed attempts as learning experiences, use failure as the stepping stone to your ultimate success.

Most people would do anything to avoid facing their fears. The most effective way of destroying your fear is by facing up to and taking action. Start doing the things that make you uncomfortable to break out of your comfort-zone.

A really good acronym for FEAR is “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Most people are fearful of things and events that are highly unlikely to come into their experience.

Fear is really a state of mind, it can be eliminated by re-programming the subconscious to chance the belief that is triggering of the fear images. You can destroy fear by taking repetitive actions to face your fear and create new habits.

If you work as a door to door sales person, in the beginning you may face the fear of knocking on doors. As you start knocking on a few doors, your fear gets reduced. Once you can replace the fear of knocking on doors with the pleasure of knocking on doors, you will start to generate more sales.

Are you really satisfied with your current lifestyle?

What is holding you back from living your dream lifestyle?

Is fear holding you back?

Make a decision to face up to your fear. Change your mental image of the fearful situation, take action to destroy your fear. Do the thing that you are fearful about, stretch out of your comfort-zone.

Visualize what you really want, face your fear and take action. You are responsible for the lifestyle you have created so far, and you also are responsible for changing it.

Don’t be afraid to take a change on yourself. Once you start to believe in yourself and start facing your fears, you will have invisible powers working for you!

Once you see yourself as successful and start taking action, others will also to see you as successful and gravitate towards you.

Vision and Action, Destroy Fear! Don’t settle for less than what you can be, face your fears and take control of your destiny.

You Are In Control Of Your Thoughts

Every moment you have the opportunity to change your thoughts. You can choose to think about things that will move you closer to your goals and desires.

You have the choice to let go of negative thoughts and emotions. You have the choice to replace them with positive thoughts and emotions.

The choices you make in the present time will determine and shape your future.

Only you have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings. This ability to choose your thoughts and re-direct your thoughts and feelings is the master key towards creating the lifestyle of your dreams.

The have the power to change the course of your life by choosing positive thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality.

What are your most dominant thoughts and feelings?

If they are not in-line with your goals and desires, you can start changing them right now.

A Lesson In Life

A wise man sat in the audience and cracked a joke. Everybody laughs like crazy.

After a moment, he cracked the same joke again.

This time, less people laughed.

He cracked the same joke again and again.

When there is no laughter in the crowd,

He smiled and said:

You can’t laugh at the same joke again and again,

but why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again?

Do You Believe You Create Your Own Reality?

Your most dominant thoughts and actions create the reality that you experience daily. The vast majority of people worldwide are driven by external events and circumstances, they believe that others are responsible for creating the reality they experience.

Once you start to believe that you are responsible for creating your own reality, you will have the chance to create the reality that you want to experience.

Most people are stuck in the reactive thought process, their thoughts are based on the current circumstance. If they are stuck in a rut, the thoughts this generates will ensure that they are stuck in this situation.

You will always get what you focus your thoughts on with feelings. When you emotionalise a thought by adding feelings, it starts to attract more circumstances that will create more of the feelings that you send out.

If you want your current circumstance to change, you will need to focus on what you really want. You will need to feel the feeling that the new lifestyle or circumstance will create.

You need to experience the positive emotions before they can manifest into your reality.

If you are currently experiencing a lot of negative emotions (anything that feels bad), you need to shift away from these feelings by focusing your mind on something that creates a better feeling.

It is really had to watch you thoughts, but it is easier to watch your emotions. You will know when you feel good or bad.

The more good feelings you have the more good feelings these will create in the future, the same is also true for bad feelings. This is why you need to focus on shifting you attention away from bad feelings and towards better feelings.

You can easily change your thoughts by focusing on what you truly desire. You need to also believe that you are going to have the thing that you desire. You will need to believe that you deserve the thing that you desire.