You Are The Average Of Five

you-are-the-average-of-fiveThe people you hang around with the most will influence your thoughts and actions greatly. As you know, your thoughts and actions create your reality.

Your current reality has a massive correlation with the five people you spend the most time with. Your current health, finances, happiness, family values and lifestyle will most likely be an average of the five people you hang around with most of the time.

If you spent most of your time with healthy people, you will most likely be healthy. If you spend most of your time with people who have created financial freedom, you will most likely have created financial freedom.

The saying “Birds of a feather, flock together” has so much truth to it. If you want to become wealthy, start spending time with wealthy people. If you want to become fit, start hanging around with people who value fitness.

Hanging around with people who are highly motivated and have a positive outlook on life, will also install these qualities in you.

If you are broke, most likely you are hanging around and taking advise from people who are broke. If you are overweight and unhealthy, you are most likely hanging around with people who live a lifestyle that creates this reality.

Your Reference Group

By changing your reference group (the five people who you spend the most of your time with), you will be able to change your reality and current lifestyle.

You cannot hang around with failures and make a success of yourself, they will pull you back down to their level.

If you hang around with five successful people, they will pull you up to their level. They will install the thoughts and actions they employ to make you successful.

It’s not going to be easy to move out of your reference group, but it can be done with consistent effort.

You may have got into a routine of going out with your friends to spend time drinking and talking about things that will not likely help you make much progress towards your dreams.

You can get out of this by making a conscious decision to say no to them. Once you have said no a few times, they will forget about you. They will find another person to fill the vacant spot in the reference group.

You may decide that you want to become healthier and get into shape. Start going to the gym and within a few sessions you will start making friends at the gym. You will soon become part of a reference group that is focused on good health and fitness.

If you want to become wealthy, start attending local business meet ups, property investment meetings, networking events… you will start meeting people who are focused on wealth building. You will soon become part of a reference group that is focused on creating wealth.

Mastermind Groups

Start forming and joining mastermind groups that are focused on what you desire. A group of people focused on a shared objective will motivate and help the whole group reach the desired objective.

Don’t waste the majority of your time with people who don’t share the same values as you. Seek out people who share common values and start working towards creating the lifestyle you truly desire.

Cut out the negative influences in your life and move towards the positive.

Start evaluating your current circumstance and also the five people you spend most of your time with. Decide on what you truly desire and find others who also desire or have attained these goals.