I Put $1 Million Dollars On My Vision Board! It Happened!

Some of you may have come across vision boards before. This idea of using vision boards was made popular by it being shown on the dvd “The Secret“.¬† In it entrepreneur John Assaraf¬† mentions how he manifested his dream home that he had posted on his vision board.

The interesting thing is that John had placed his vision boards into storage during several house moves. Once he unpacked his vision boards after moving into a new house, he realised that it was the exact same house that he posted on one of his vision boards a few years ago.

What Is A Vision Board?

Simply put, a vision board is a large board that you cut and post images of the things that you want in your life on to. You place this board in a location that allows you to see it daily.

The images on the board get passed onto your subconscious mind by you seeing them on a regular basis. Your subconscious mind starts to work on ways for you to manifest them items on your vision board.

By seeing the items on your vision board daily, you also stay focused on your desires.

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

Vision boards work for the people that belive in them, the people that constantly look at the images on the boards and also create the feelings of actually having the items on the board. They generate the feeling of actually owning and doing the things on their vision boards.

Here is a video of a woman that achieved massive success with her vision board:

Let me know how you get on with your vision board, you may want to share your success story with others on Grow Your Thoughts.