The Secrets Of Great Achievers


Great achievers follow a number of strategies that help them to become extraordinary in their chosen field. Success has a formula and it can be learned and applied by anyone who desires it. It takes hard work and produces results like clockwork.

Are you ready to apply the formula for success in your own life?

Here are the key strategies used by the world’s most successful people:

  1. Focus on a small number of functions that are key to becoming a master of the industry you are in. Concentrate all your effort in getting really good, exceptional at performing these fundamental functions. Drill them into your subconscious mind, so that they become second nature.
  2. Don’t waste your time on unproductive activities. Plan your daily activities and stick to the plan. Performing regular tasks on a daily basis will install these as habits. They will become easier with time. You will also get better at them with time.
  3. Say no to things that distract you from your key productive tasks. Top achievers know the value of their time, they don’t easily give it up to anyone.
  4. They know how to delegate tasks that they are not good at or doing them is less productive use of their valuable time.
  5. They find people who are smarter then themselves in areas that are critical to their organization’s success.
  6. They are always seeking out the latest knowledge, tools and techniques that relate to their business. This ensures growth and higher productivity.
  7. They prioritize their tasks and get to work on the most important ones first.
  8. They set goals to motivate themselves. These goals are realistic, but they are also big enough to stretch their abilities and skills.
  9. They reward themselves after achieving their goals. They break down large goals into smaller ones and rewards themselves along the way. Once they have achieved the bigger goal, they reward themselves higher.
  10. They develop and reward key leaders within their organisation. They also look at the performance of various departments within their organization.
  11. They network with key leaders within their industry. The form and take advantage of mastermind groups.
  12. They don’t give up easily. They look for a solution to their challenges. They look at the challenge for various angles.
  13. They have a clear vision of where they want to be and take massive action to get there. Every day they focus on their vision and make it a slightly clearer than the previous day.
  14. They wake up early and have a morning ritual that prepares them for the day ahead. They start off by meditating and exercising. They fuel their minds with positive thoughts, personal development books, audios and videos. They fuel their bodies with a healthy breakfast that keeps them energized.
  15. The write a journal to keep track of their lives and see how much they have progressed. This also helps them to clarify their thoughts and ideas.
  16. They work on their activities with full concentration followed by power naps to drill them findings into their subconscious mind.
  17. They have set time slots for checking and replying to email messages. They don’t spend idle time on social media.
  18. They don’t follow news and events that are not related to their industry and success. They don’t watch much TV or many movies. They use this time on productive activities.
  19. They always have a positive outlook on life and believe in their abilities fully.
  20. They go to sleep on a set time and make sure they are well rested before they wake up fully charged to the exciting day ahead.