How To Alter Your Self-Image And Live Your Dream Lifestyle

Self ImageWhat separates the world’s most successful people from the masses is self-image. Your self-image is how you view yourself in your mind.

Successful people have a positive and powerful self-image, they have a strong belief in their abilities. They know they are going to become successful in whatever they wish to achieve in their life.

A strong self-image will empower you towards success in areas of life. A person who sees himself as healthy person will radiate health, they will develop daily routines and thought patterns that will transform them into a healthy person.

A millionaire has a self-image that will empower them to earn millions. A billionaire has a self-image that will enable them to earn billions.

Most people get stuck in a rut because they have a negative self-image. A person who sees himself as earning $30,000 a year will be limited to earning this amount. Even if they start earning $100,000 a year, their self-image will drag them back to the $30,000 a year income.

A person who has a self-image of being over-weight will continue to put on the weight, even after going on diets and exercise routines.

How Do You Build Up A Powerful Self-Image To Transform Your Current Reality?

It all starts will visualising the condition you wish to unfold in your life. If you are currently earning $30,000 yearly and have a desire to earn $100,000 yearly, you will need to alter your self-image.

You will need to visualise yourself as earning $100,000 yearly. You will need to drill this image into your subconscious mind. Your current self-image of earning $30,000 yearly will need to be replaced with a self-image of you earning $100,000 yearly.

If you have been earning $30,000 yearly for a long time, and your self-image and belief is set at that level, it will take a lot of work to alter this.

You can alter this by repeatedly visualising yourself as earning $100,000 yearly. Go into a meditative state and visualise yourself earning $100,000 yearly. Do this 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

If you repeat this self-image altering visualisation for 90 days, you will start to see results. Once the image is accepted as your reality by your subconscious mind, your life will start to change.

The subconscious mind cannot hold both the $30,000 and $100,000 yearly income as your financial self-image. Slowly the $30,000 yearly income self-image will be replaced with the $100,000 yearly income self-image.

Once the $100,000 yearly income self-image is in place, your subconscious mind will start to believe it. Your will start behaving and taking actions like a $100,000 yearly earner. You will be inspired to take actions to make this your reality.

You will see opportunities come your way, your earnings will start going up to match your self-image.

Most people who are earning $30,000 a year will not be able to see how they are going to earn $100,000 a year. You will not be able to devise a plan on how you are going to earn $100,000 a year, until you have put in the work to transform your self-image.

Start Dreaming About The Lifestyle You Want

How much money would you like to earn?

What type of home would you like to live in?

Which car would you like to drive?

Which exotic locations would you like to visit?

Start dreaming, create a vision of your ideal lifestyle. Visualise this lifestyle for 20 minutes just after you wake-up and 20 minutes just before you go to bed. Do this for 90 days to program it into your subconscious mind.

Most people complain of lack and limitations, but they are not willing to do the work necessary to transform their self-image and beliefs.

It all depends on how bad you want to change your lifestyle. Most people are driven by pain or pleasure. If your current lifestyle is causing enough pain, you will be motivated put in the work to transform your self-image.

If you are driven by the pleasures of life’s luxuries, you will be motivated to out in the work to alter your self-image.

Are you willing to put in 40 minutes of work for 90 days to transform your self-image and your lifestyle?

People complain that they don’t have the time to do the visualisation to transform their self-image. They have formed daily routines that keep them stuck to their mediocre lifestyles. They are earning just enough to cover their monthly expanses.

Going to a job that provides no real value to impact others positively or create financial freedom for themselves.

If you want to live your dream lifestyle and create financial freedom, you will need to break free from your daily routines.

Every one of us can find 40 minutes a day to visualise our dream lifestyle and alter our self-image. Just cut out the time you watch television, using facebook, youtube….

I have made it my mission to transform my self-image and also my lifestyle. I have also made a decision to do work which will benefit a large number of people worldwide.

I will continue to blog about my progress in transforming my lifestyle and also post my findings so that others can benefit from it too.

I have started to immerse myself in the study and practice on success programming and mind science. I hope that you find value in reading my blog posts, this is a journey which will reveal many things related to success programming and the power of the mind.

I am taking in as much information as I can on the subject of mind science. I have started reading books and watching videos by experts in this field. I will reveal pass on the information, tools and techniques that I come across. I will also blog my progress in applying the knowledge to transform my lifestyle.

My goal is to start working on this blog on a full-time basis. Like most people I am working a full-time job to meet my monthly expenses.

I am working on altering my self-image to enable me to earn a full-time income from this blog, so that I can quit my current employment and devote more time into studying mind science and sharing my experience and findings on this blog.