Why I Created The ‘Grow Your Thoughts’ Blog

Why I Created Grow Your ThoughtsThere must be a reason behind why we do the things we do. If we don’t know the reason, we will continue to act on random thoughts without a real purpose. If your why is strong enough, the way will be revealed to you.

The first step is to know why you want something, before you can make plans to get it. If your why is not strong enough, you will not be motivated enough to see it to the end.

Here Are The Reasons Why I Created “Grow Your Thoughts”:

  1. I want to expand my knowledge in the areas of Mind Science, Success Programming, NLP, Using Thoughts To Create Reality…
  2. Share my findings with other like-minded people who are interested in this area of research.
  3. Create an income of over $3,000 monthly within 12 months, from this blog so that I can work on this as my so called ‘job’. It will enable me to do something that has a greater impact on a large number of people in a positive way.
  4. Connect with people who are leading experts on Mind Science, Success Programming, NLP, Brain Function…

The above are the main reasons why I decided to create this blog. I hope that you will find something of value on this blog. I am currently in the process of developing a logical structure to the content and flow of the blog.

I am passionate about how our thoughts create our reality, and would like to study this subject in depth and reveal my finding to the masses.

Let me give you an update of my current situation...

I am writing this blog post on Tuesday 17th of October 2017. I am currently working as a Corporate Security Officer in London. The shifts are 12 hours long and it takes me around 1.5 hours to get to work and 1.5 hours to get back home from work.

Out of 24 hours, 15 hours are taken up with work and travelling to work. This leaves me 9 hours, I try and sleep for 6 hours, 1 hour is taken up with eating and 1 hour is taken up with getting ready…. as you can see, I don’t have much time on my hands.

My goal is try and write 3 to 4 blog posts per week. This will help me stay focused on my goal of creating a flow of useful content on the blog and program my subconscious mind with the belief that I will succeed with this blog.

It is not usually about how much time you have to do something, it’s more to do with how consistent you are. It’s like the hare and tortoise story.

The race in this case is the success or failure of my blog to provide enough value to enable me to earn over $3,000 monthly. Some days I will get 30 minutes to work on the blog, other days I will be able to get 60 minutes to work on the blog.

I work around 60 hours weekly (240 hours monthly) to earn around £2,500 ($3,000) monthly. This is the bare minimum I will need to earn every month to pay my bills and have food on the table for my family.

This amount may not sound like much to most people, but earning this amount every month this will enable me to leave my current job. I will then be in a position to put in more time on research and write more useful posts.

I have 365 days to transform this blog into a useful resource for people worldwide who are interested in creating success using the power of their minds, transforming their thoughts into reality.

This is also a challenge for me to prove that it is possible to transform my goal of earning over $3,000 monthly from this blog into reality.

I still don’t know, how I’m going to start earning money from this blog. I have decided to take action, I have a strong belief that I will be able to achieve my goal.

The how will reveal itself to me as the journey progresses. I will hold onto the vision of creating over $3,000 monthly and continue to put in the work.

There are still a lot of things that need to be added to this blog to make it interactive and more useful for visitors.

Currently 2 to 3 people are visiting the blog, as there have not been many new posts. I started on the blog and left it on the back burners for a while.

Something inside of me has inspired me to take action and continue working on the blog. I have been searching for work that is truly rewarding and really useful to a large amount of people.

I will lead by example and me it my goal to prove that it is possible to transform your lifestyle using the power of your thoughts.

If you like what I am doing with this blog, please share it with others who would be interested in mind science and success programming.

I don’t claim to be a guru of any sort, I’m just a regular guy that is passionate about learning and using the power of the mind to create success in all areas of life.

This blog is a tool to share my passion and findings on the power of the mind.

Follow the blog to stay updated on my research and findings, also follow my progress on getting to over $3,000 in monthly earnings.

By Tuesday 17th October 2017, I will be earning over $3,000 monthly from this blog. I don’t know how it will happen, but the way will unfold as the blog makes progress.

One thing I have learned in my life is that I have all the skills necessary to create the lifestyle I truly desire… the biggest obstacle I have faced is procrastination.

I have made a resolution now to kill of procrastination and live the lifestyle I truly desire on my terms.