The 10 Step Success Formula

the-10-step-success-formulaThe 10 Step Success Formula has been created by billionaire businessman, Bill Bartmann. He has helped thousands of people create their dream lifestyles using his proven 10 step formula for success.

The 10 Step Success Formula re-defines traditional goal setting methods and has been proven to produce results. Bill Bartmann has used it to create his success and fortunes, his coaching students have also used it to achieve success in various fields.

Success rarely happens at random, there is a formula for success. Let me give you the exact same formula as used by thousands of successful people worldwide.

Don’t just read it, apply it and witness the transformations in your life.

Step #1 – Make Sure It’s YOUR Goal.

Make sure that it’s something that you want to achieve, not what someone else wants you to achieve.

Most people are trying to satisfy the desire of what others want them to become. Some follow careers and educational courses that their parents want them to. They try and become or achieve what their spouse/partner wants them to.

Make sure you are following your own dream and creating the lifestyle you truly desire and not one that others expect from you.

Step #2 – Don’t Call It A Goal; Call It A PROMISE.

The idea of a goal gives most people the impression of striving at something, trying to do or achieve something.

How many of the goals you have set in the past, have you achieved?

Most goals are not achieved as there is the thought that you can always try again. Think of the times you made a promise to someone, I bet you tried your hardest to keep it.

When you make a promise to yourself (the most important person), you are bound to make it happen.

Replace the word ‘Goal’ with the word ‘Promise’. When you make a promise to yourself, you will not break it!

Step #3 – Clearly Identify Your PROMISE.

Be specific about what you want to accomplish and achieve. It’s no good enough say that you want to earn more money. You need to write down the specific amount you want to earn and also the date you want to do this by.

If you would like to lose weight, you need to specify how much weight you want to lose and by what date.

If you would like to own a new car, you need to be specific about the make, model, colour and all the extras. You need to write down the date you wish to get this car by.

Your PROMISE needs to be specific and measurable, you need a way to figure out that you have achieved it.

Step #4 – Use The Tools And People Around As Motivators.

Who do you want to prove your success to?

It could be your family to show them that you are worthy and want the best for them. It could be someone that you don’t really like, but would like to show them your success!

We are all moved by either Pain or Pleasure. Use either of them as motivators to achieve your PROMISE.

What would your life be like if you kept your PROMISE?

What would it be like if you broke your PROMISE?

Step #5 – Create A PROMISE PLAN.

You need to create a plan that will enable you to keep your PROMISE. Take some time to answer these 6 questions:

WHAT are you going to do?

WHEN are you going to accomplish this?

WHERE will you be when this happens?

WHY do you want this (what is your passion)?

WHO do you need in your life? Who will help?

HOW am I going to do it?

The HOW question is going to be hard to answer at the initial stage. You will be able to answer this in more detail as your plan of action progresses.

Step #6 – Review Your PROMISE PLAN Regularly

Set aside at least 20 minutes daily to review your Promise Plan. This will impress it into your subconscious mind. It will also allow your subconscious to come up with solutions to tasks that you may have got stuck on.

Step #7 – Tell Yourself You Will Succeed.

Affirm to yourself daily that you will succeed in achieving your Promise. This will strengthen your belief and keep you focused.

Step #8 – Tell Others Of Your PROMISE.

By telling others about your PROMISE, you are setting up yourself to be accountable. Let the positive and negative motivators work in your favor.

By letting other know about your PROMISE, you will attract people and situation that will help you accomplish it. Someone may have something that will help you or may know someone that will be able to help you.

Step #9 – Envision Your Results.

This is one of the most important steps in achieving your PROMISE. If you cannot see yourself achieving the thing you promised yourself, it unlikely that you will achieve it.

You need to see yourself as already having achieved your PROMISE. The power of visualization is truly magnificent.

Step #10 – START!!!

This is the Most Important Step! If you never start, you will never succeed. Most people want success, but never really get started.

The above formula has helped thousands of people worldwide accomplish their dreams. You too can use the exact same formula… Start Now!