What Do You Really Want In Life?

what-do-you-really-want-in-lifeHave you ever taken the time to really think about what you really want in your life?

Most people have a vague idea of what they want. Most people want more money, a better car, a larger house… some want to travel to exotic locations around the world.

For some people it can be finding the love, having harmony and happiness in their family life.

Even though most people want chances in their lives, they never get down to really figure out the exact details.

How To Find Out What You Truly Desire

Grab a blank sheet of A4 paper and start writing out what you really want in your life. Don’t hold back, start thinking big… just imagine that you can have anything you truly desire.

Let your imagination flow out onto the paper.

Here are a few ideas of some of the things people desire:

Earn more money

Drive a better car

Live in a better house

Move to a better neighbourhood

Get into better physical shape

Travel to exotic locations

Send kids to a better school

Create financial freedom

Have more time to spend on leisure

Buy luxury items

Once you have filled up the sheet of A4 paper with the things you desire. Ask yourself this question “What’s holding me back from getting the thing I desire?”

This will take you back to the root cause of the lack of these things in your life. It will most likely come down to MONEY.

If you had an unlimited supply of money, you would be able to have most of the things on your list.

This will take you back to the question “Why don’t I have the money to get these things?”

The first step is to create financial freedom, this will allow you to create time freedom. You will need both time and money to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you are currently working a time for money job, where you get paid based on the hours you work, it will be hard for you to create financial freedom.

You need to change your focus to residual income and leveraged income. If you already have a substantial amount of money to work with you can do the following:

  1. Invest in stocks and shares
  2. Invest in precious metals
  3. Invest in property and rental income
  4. Invest in businesses where you don’t have to be present

Most people don’t have much working capital to work with. The most viable option for them is to invest a small amount of money every month in building a leveraged income.

Multi-Level Marketing is one of the best options for creating both leveraged and residual income. You can get started with a small working capital every month and leverage your way towards creating financial freedom.

There are various Multi-Level Marketing companies, but you need to select one that has been around for a while and offers products/service that are in high demand. The pay plan has to be lucrative and also offer mass leverage.

Most people who get started with Multi-Level Marketing will not create financial freedom, because they don’t know how to work the business.

I have identified and addressed the pitfalls and am working on a system which will launch on the 1st of January 2017.

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