Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

dontgiveuponyourdreamToday was a really hectic day, I felt really tired. I knew that I had to write post an article on my blog, I nearly gave up. I was going to leave it for tomorrow. We have all come across these days.

All of a sudden I thought came into my mind… Here I was trying to share my experience in personal development and success programming, I knew that I had to stick to my commitment on building up this blog.

I had to apply the knowledge that I share on the blog. I could not just procrastinate and leave it for another day. I had to overcome the barriers that I faced.

I took some deep breaths and concentrated on my vision for this blog. I wanted to have a minimum of 100 unique visitors to the blog by the end of 2016. This was not going to happen without new article posts.

Was my dream BIG enough?

Was it really what I wanted to do?

Was I prepared to put in the work?

Sometimes the results will be slow in the beginning, this is the time you need to focus on your goal. Old habits will try and keep you back from creating the momentum that will lead to your success.

I had to kick my butt and start typing in the ideas that flowed from my mind. Once you get going, you will find the motivation to carry on.

If I did not write this article, I would have felt bad about myself. This would have placed me in a negative state of mind. It will have pushed me away from my goal.

As I continue to write this article, I am getting drawn closer to my goal. My state of mind is changing. My belief in achieving my goal is getting stronger.

I know that I will reach 100 unique visitors to my blog very soon. The highest daily unique visitors so far has been 36. I know that I can get to this again and reach towards getting 50 unique visitors and then to 100 unique visitors daily.

At the initial stage, when we don’t see much progress, we tend to start having doubts. This is the time we need to take action and re-align ourselves with our goal.

Fear starts to creep into our minds and starts off a spiral of negative thoughts. Don’t let this happen, take action and destroy the fear.

You are the master of your thoughts, you can change the direction of your life. You have the power to achieve everything you truly desire.

If you have a strong enough desire to achieve your goal, you will find the motivation to continue. You have to become bigger than your current self to achieve the level of success you desire.

Focus on your goals daily and take the actions necessary to build up the momentum. Your thoughts will be weak to start off with, you need to focus on them daily to build up intensity and clarity.

Don’t give up on your dream, don’t let procrastination rob you of the success you desire. Take action now and make it happen.